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Hi, I am Bára.
And as you must know if you've read all the above I am a teacher now... Which is exactly what I've always thought I'd never ever do. Well, God has a unique sense of humour. Anyway, I am currently living  in Prague, working at CISP (that for all I know could stand for Crazy International School of Prague as well as Christian International School of Prague as it is equally christian and crazy.) 
However I love that place, I love my job, I love my language that I get to share with others every day (and that is why I don't ever use it online) I love coffee and chocolate and most of all I love God! Which is probably all you need to know not to read any further...

úterý 23. června 2015

You know you are a teacher when..

I usually feel like a normal sane person, but then, I notice those those big warning signs that tell me... I must be a teacher!

Mostly I hang out with my colleagues  who are great single ladies and few married guys.

My girl friends know names of all the students that drive me up the wall (and occasionally the students who make my day) but they have no idea what's the name of the guy I have a crush on.

# 3 
Most selfies on my phone are taken by my students as a joke.

# 4 
When I go out I grade papers over a glass of gin and tonic.

# 5
I ride the metro laughing out loud reading essays.

# 6
My home office time is me reading a buch of kid's books, occassionally watching a cartoon.

# 7 
I scold waiters at fancy restaurants for not helping the student to use their language skills.

# 8 
I've got so used to having my last name misspronunced that it surprise me when somebody gets it right.

# 8 1/2 I am turning around every time I hear just "Miss" because there is so many people who think that's actually my name.

# 9
I know more about minecraft and zombies than about the newest book by my favourite author.

and finally 
# 10
According to my growing stasch there are way too many people who know I am addicted to chocolate and coffee.

Oh yes, I am such a teacher!

Selfie credit: Student anonymous
and now you know it all
Good night 

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